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Web apps give users and businesses more functionality than static websites. More responsive systems tailored to your specific business needs lead to more significant growth. Well-designed web apps streamline the user experience and drive better conversions. We’ll work with you to design and build the right solution for your business.

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Services we provide

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Web Design

Wow your end-users with beautiful, clean design. Excellent user experience is often what makes a functional app into a must-have tool. Getting this right will boost your audience and grow your business.

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API Development

Apps need APIs to communicate with one another and reach their full potential as useful tools. Do it right with our team of web developers.

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Cloud-based Platforms

Empower your users with platforms that can access anywhere with an internet connection. We create cloud-based platforms for a variety of business needs.

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Large-scale Services

Complex systems need careful planning and development. We’re adept at designing, planning and building big systems for enterprise solutions.

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Tailored Web Apps

A custom web application can do what out of the box services can’t. They store and process data differently to give you a better look at user behavior. We’ll get acquainted with your business needs and work together to build a custom app.

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Top-quality Code

Our web developers have years of experience creating applications for clients in a variety of industries. This deep knowledge translates into excellent craftsmanship in writing code.

Our approach to custom web application development

We build powerful tools to fit the needs of business

Our team of web devs specializes in the latest technologies, such as Angular, React, Node.js, Java, C#, and others. Agile is our guiding framework, which values teamwork and constant feedback.

We are a custom web application development company

We will guide you through the whole process of building a custom application. We’ve made a range of quality apps for enterprise solutions. Serving clients in logistics, hospitality, finance, and insurance. Our team builds tailored web solutions for businesses.


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How can your business benefit from a custom web application?

A custom web app runs in the user’s browser, delivering a better user experience than static web pages. They interact with users and increase engagement significantly. One key advantage is that web apps can run on any operating system, so development is straightforward and cost-effective. Since web apps run on the browser, you can reduce hardware costs when you need a software update.

Other major benefits include better security and better insight into your users’ behavior. Since all the data is in one place, running reports, tracking conversions, or optimizing parts of the app is simple.

For many businesses, out of the box tools don’t do what you want. Unique business challenges call for innovative solutions. We’ll help you build it.

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Technologies we love

Amazon Web Services
Progressive Web Apps

Why work with us?

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Business Experience

We collaborate with clients from all over the world. Our team of experienced, high-skilled, certified, and creative professionals makes us stand out from the web app development crowd. We’ve built a range of tailored quality solutions for business.

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Customer-first Approach

We put our clients first, above all else. Smooth communication, understanding user requirements and working hand-in-hand to get the desired results. That is an essential part of each project we develop at Applandeo.

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Custom Development Approach

In our development, we always use a four-step system to ensure that each and every app that we develop is fully functional before it is finally delivered to the customer. Each presents unique problems to solve, and each requires custom solutions.

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Do you offer in-house design services?

Yes our design team creates designs from scratch, carry out design modifications, and lead UI/UX consulting sessions.


Do You offer workshops to discuss project questions in more detail where both client and the project team can meet in person?

Yes, we offer project workshops for every development phase. These often happen before kickoff, but can also during development to work out the implementation of a sophisticated solution.


What project tools do you use mostly when working on projects?

For the most part we use the following tools:

Project code repositories: Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket

Project realization/tasks tracking: Jira Atlasian

Project documentation tracking: Confluence Atlasian

Project Development processes: CI/CD

Project communication tools: Slack, Skype, MS Tims, Google hangouts etc.


Do You offer technical consulting before the project kicks off to suggest the best possible technology stack and the best possible approach to project realization?

Yes. These help refine the best tech stack to use in the project as well as determine the final shape of the custom web application. We can also advise which functionalities and components are most crucial and which ones to skip.


Can You prepare a proof of concept for the solution?

Yes. We can prepare proof of concept depending on client needs.


Are you willing to participate in local onboarding phase at a client’s headquarters and can you offer in-house onboarding phase?

Yes! We’re huge fans of meeting in person with the people we work with, both at our client’s headquarters or at the Applandeo office. This ensures that we can set the tone for a good relationship from the very beginning and start with all the required knowledge.


What payment models do you offer?

We offer both a  time material model and a fixed price model for our clients.


Can You give us a fixed price quote for project realization

Yes, we can prepare a time estimate for fixed price projects.


Can You prepare a very quick rough time estimate just to see how much effort is needed to finish our project

Definitely yes. If you want to just get a rough idea about how much time it will take us to develop a solution, we can prepare an estimate in one business day.


Can You work with our own API?

Yes, Of course, we can connect with our clients API interfaces.


Do you maintain projects once they’re finished?

Yes. We offer our clients maintenance phase after the custom web application development is finished. Here we offer dedicated team working only on the given project maintenance.


Can you work with our external development team?

Of course. If you’d like, we can become a part of your team and work together on the solution. We have already worked in such a model before.


What methodologies do you use?

For the most part, we use agile scrum. If a project is not very complex or is similar to one we’ve done before we use waterfall methodologies like PMI or Prince 2.


What are your working hours?

Most often, the project team works in intervals from 7:00am – 5:00pm UTC+2/ CEST

Version 2: However, we can adjust our working day to overlap part of yours.


Do you have continuous integration and continuous deployment processes in place?

Yes, we have adopted both continuous integration and continuous deployment processes in our company.

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