Dedicated Software Development Team

Boost your company’s IT capabilities with a dedicated software development team. With a solid team of experts, you can keep up with your software development goals and let us handle your development project. A dedicated team combines the commitment of an internal team with the cost savings of outsourcing work to offshore developers.

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Dedicated development team – what are you getting?

  • Skip the cost and hassle of hiring internal developers.
  • Hire dedicated developers to build your product quickly and to maintain it throughout the life of the application.
  • Get the focus of an internal team without the extra costs of one and enjoy the flexibility of outsourcing development to talented developers.
  • Dedicated software development teams are best suited to filling skills gaps in your company. If you need a few developers with specific skills to extend your own team’s capabilities or need a full stack team this model is right for you.
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How you can benefit from dedicated development team services

Dedicated teams function a lot like internal teams, just without the time and effort, it takes to hire them. You get to pass hiring and the costs associated with it onto your trusted partner. This frees you up to achieve your software goals and allows you to get ready teams with the expertise you need. In many cases, these teams have worked together on similar projects so they’re not only already used to working together,  they’re also seasoned experts.

Deep knowledge of the app

Competent software developers learn everything there is to know about the software they’re working on and the business it serves and become part of your company. This makes it far easier to address urgent changes or to update outdated software in the future. While strict outsourcing is usually project-based and short term, dedicated offshore development teams are in for the long haul. Long-term commitment sets this model apart and delivers cost savings to you for the same great work of an internal team.


Whether you need a team with a specific skill set or a team with diverse skills, we can source the right experts for you and manage the work throughout the project lifecycle. Our developers take the time to learn your business and are able to advise on the best ways to address your unique challenges. A fresh approach to tackling software challenges can jump start any business. Together with a dedicated team we can deliver powerful solutions that will grow your business.

Good cost-to-quality ratio

Software development can be unpredictable. But with a dedicated team, it doesn’t have to be. Get the quality of an internal team for a fraction of the cost. Spend time focusing on growth instead of hiring hard-to-find developers in your local market. Find the right developers with the right skills in two weeks or less.

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Dedicated software development team advantages

Dedicated software teams come at a fixed cost so you’ll be able to easily predict your running costs. Let us do the hiring. All you’ll pay is for time and material. Get the most out of your development team without the uncertain running costs.

Team cohesion

One of the biggest challenges with running a software project is whether developers will work well together. If you’re constantly hiring in-house, there’s a risk that new hires won’t get along and eventually leave, landing you back at square one. For software developers, team dynamics are vital to successful projects. With dedicated teams, you’ll get a cohesive group of developers who’ve already worked on similar projects and can get on with creating great software.

Team cohesion and experience on similar applications allows dedicated developers to jump right into your project. You won’t have to constantly hire new developers and bring them up to speed. This will save you time and money throughout the project lifecycle.

Adaptable to the project scope

You can easily adjust the size of your dedicated team to fit your needs. Add or take away developers as your application evolves or the project scope changes. You won’t have to waste time finding the right experts and hiring them. Just leave hiring to us.

Agile model-driven development

Dedicated software teams like the ones at Applandeo are agile developers. In practice, this means our developers can quickly adapt to changes and new technology demands from our clients. This is a constant in software development and is an expected part of any project. It not only ensures that you get the most productivity out of your development team but also means your product will fill a market need in the end.

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Why choose our dedicated development team

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Technical expertise

Applandeo developers have years of experience and hundreds of projects under our belts. Hiring a dedicated software team for your company will give you the edge to build the software you need on time and within budget. Choosing a partner you can trust brings many benefits. With us you’ll save time and money and never sacrifice quality.

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Holistic approach

W work in the agile scrum. We break the entire project into sprints and check in with you to be sure we’re on the right track to solving your business challenges. Agile scrum keeps productivity up and ensures the end product is what you and your end-users want. A dedicated development team will be like an internal team without the added cost and hassle.

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Seamless communication

Communication with us will be seamless throughout the development project. We’ll be upfront with you about the best solutions for your business challenges and communicate clearly in our daily standup meetings and sprint planning sessions. Hire a development team that will create your custom software just like it’s an internal team.

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