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Digital sample management platform – RxS

It supports the online ordering of prescription drug samples by licensed health care providers in the U.S.

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The Client

RxS operates in the pharmaceutical and biotech space and provides end-to-end solutions for multi-channel sample management.

Their dedicated infrastructure supports the complex environments of the pharmaceutical world, including sample management, virtual sales, business consulting, and other sales force automation connectors, vendor interoperability, multi-channel management, and channel activity reporting.

The new solution we developed in collaboration with RxS was a digital platform for electronic drug sampling to support the online ordering of prescription drug samples by licensed health care providers in the U.S.

It belongs to the broader, integrated ecosystem, built by RxS to serve their dedicated industry.




The United States

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The Challenge

Our client wanted a tool that is flexible and it has a highly configurable set of functionalities. Thus, it supports a wide range of pharmaceutical and biotech customer requirements and integrates with the RxS’ technology stack. The principal was to make the platform smooth and user-friendly, with easy-to-navigate screens and workflows.  

RxS: Having been on both sides–pharmaceutical and medical–we built our infrastructure to support those complex environments as unique as each one may be.

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How we did it

We formed a dedicated team made of:

  • Backend developer
  • Frontend developer
  • Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Tester
  • DevOps

As always, we followed the agile framework to smoothly manage the project’s dynamic environment, control the progress more closely, focus on weekly continuous releases, and incorporate customer feedback with every iteration.

One of the drivers of the project’s success was a close collaboration with RxS and their involvement and willingness to share regular feedback on status meetings without distracting developers’ workflow.

That approach allowed us to help the client find the best solution matching the business goal and, if needed, quickly change the development direction to achieve it.

The tools we used to manage the project flow were:

  • Confluence – technical documentation
  • TeamCity – automated deployment to test server
  • Telerik – Modern Feature-rich UI Web components that provide performance, accessibility, localization, and security guarantee
  • Bitbucket – project repository
  • Jira – project management
  • Swagger – endpoints documentation
  • Slack – the team communication
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The outcome

The final product is a portal with a modern, user-friendly. It has an easy-to-configure interface and set of functionalities that perfectly fit into the pharmaceutical space, matching the industry’s growing needs.

The digital platform is the basis for other platforms of this type, created for specific clients from the pharmaceutical industry. Applandeo continues to collaborate on other projects built upon the framework that are part of the RxS ecosystem.

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Technologies we used


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