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Since 2014 Applandeo has been building beautiful, functional software. Our team of creative professionals has worked on over 90 successful web and mobile projects for our partners across the world.

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We’ve continuously grown over the past seven years and continue to attract top talent in our region. With more than 50 highly-skilled individuals, Applandeo is uniquely suited to bringing big ideas into reality. Each of us has a strong vision of shaping software development through innovative and functional solutions.

Our mission

Here at Applandeo, our sole mission is to work together with our partners to bring great ideas into reality. More than just a technology provider, we increase innovation in the IT market and keep partners up-to-date with the latest technologies. Our seamless communication and creative problem-solving set us apart in the industry, allowing us to respond to client needs quickly. Our team of experts will guide you through the software development process and simply deliver great work.

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Values we stick to

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Professionalism and transparency

A culture of transparency ensures that everyone on our team is responsible and directly accountable to other team members and to our partners. This model fosters a sense of professionalism that flows into our work and shows up in the final products.

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An essential part of software development is responding to changes and new challenges quickly. The pace of innovation moves fast, and so should a team of developers. Working out how to adapt to new realities is an essential skill in our view and is a value we cultivate in our company.

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Great teams inspire greater innovation and problem-solving skills. Having a pleasant place to work with people whose talent you respect is vital to delivering great software. With a strong team dynamic, we’ll never lose sight of the creative goal.

We are settled in Cracow

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We are settled in Cracow

Old town, Bright Ideas

Cracow is our home and is a great place to live and work. One of Poland’s great cities, Cracow has a lot of cultural offerings and is among Poland’s best-preserved historic centers. Don’t let the charming old architecture fool you though. Cracow is a forward-looking city where innovation is a way of life.

Tech Hub

That culture of innovation feeds a young and highly motivated workforce well-suited to working in tech. We’re a competitive business and tech hub with a bright future and all only a stone’s throw away from major European cities.

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Are you looking for a tech partner? Searching for a new job? Or do you simply have any feedback that you’d like to share with our team? Whatever brings you to us, we’ll do our best to help you. Don’t hesitate and drop us a message!

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