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Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for developing server-side web applications. Since 2009, Node has gained widespread popularity for its lightweight design and quick response times.

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Node.js Development Services We Offer

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Custom Node.js Applications

Create powerful Node.js apps that fit your unique business challenges. We’ll learn your business needs and work together to build a powerful, modern custom app.

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Scalable, High-performance Apps

Node.js allows you to create apps that hold up to the demands of modern users. They’re easy to scale and stay up and running even in the most demanding situations.

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Real-time Applications

In applications that require immediate and accurate responses, Node.js is uniquely well-suited. The speed and low latency make it an excellent choice for real-time applications.

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Migrations and Integrations

Whether you’re creating an app from scratch, or migrating an existing product, our Node.js developers can carry out complex software migrations and integrate your app with the systems you already use.

Advantages of Node.js Web Development for Your Business

Node.js uses the V8 engine from Google that provides JavaScript. It’s used by developers to create fast, scalable network applications that run on the server-side, as opposed to only on browsers. In fact, it’s so powerful that it can be used for anything from high-throughput back-end applications to real-time web and mobile apps. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Faster production times with rapid MVPs
  • Open-source, cross-platform and JavaScript-based
  • Scalable and high-performance APIs
  • Cohesive language for front end and back end, making Node.js teams highly versatile
  • Fewer development hours due to a wide range of library support
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Benefits of Working with Us

  1. Applandeo is a custom Node.js development company with years of experience in developing Node.js apps. Our commitment to great code is part of what defines us.
  2. Our developers ask the right questions to find the best technical solutions to your unique business challenges. Your success is vital to us and we make it a priority to learn and grow along with you.
  3. Communication with the team is quick and seamless so you’ll get exactly what you expect and more.
  4. We’re based in Kraków, Poland, one of the top cities in the world for outsourced software development. A deep pool of talented, highly-educated developers ensures you get affordable, quality software.
  5. When it comes to Node.js development, we pride ourselves on creating apps that help your business grow.
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Node.Js Development Solutions We Offer

Node.js is a game-changing technology for modern business. In fact, it’s such an important technology that developer patterns are starting to shift dramatically to accommodate it — and with good reason.

For those who haven’t heard of Node before, it’s a server-side JavaScript runtime environment that has been primarily used by developers for building dynamic websites as well as applications using real-time web applications. It’s also the same platform that powers APIs of many top tech companies like PayPal, Netflix, and LinkedIn.

Our highly experienced developers will work with you to design and create quality apps using the Node.js environment. We’ll learn your business and build an app to fit your unique challenges.

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What are the key benefits of using Node.js for my business?

One major advantage of Node.js is that it can handle large data processing challenges. Its simplicity also makes it easier and faster to develop applications, so if you’re in a hurry to get your app to market, it’s an excellent choice. 


What are some of the features of the Node.js framework?

Node’s key feature is that it’s an open-source JavaScript environment, which enables developers to build server-side JS programs. This means that Node apps are highly versatile and can scale up as your business grows. Since your developers will be working in the JavaScript ecosystem, you’ll save on development hours and reduce your overall costs.


What are the challenges faced in Node.js development?

One best practice is to always practice test-driven development in any Node.js project. Since solid back-end design is the heart of the app, other developers on the team have to assume it’s done right. Sometimes developers move on and their code can morph into a bug if someone changes it accidentally. To prevent this, we should always cover as much code as we can in unit tests or integration tests if time allows. A Node developer’s challenge is to write “testable code.” Writing testable code requires some level of deeper understanding and this is challenging with a growing application that becomes more complex and has multiple layers of abstractions.

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