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We create software matching exact needs of the business.
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Web development

Web development

New technologies in use

Agile project management

Building app from scratch

Redesigning old systems and apps

Friendly UX & UI design

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Mobile development

Mobile development

Cross-platform development

Native iOS/Android development

QA testing at every step

Esthetic UX/UI design

Delivering on time

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NodeJS Development
Angular Development
React Development
Java Development
Microsoft Net Development
iOS Development
Android Development
Xamarin Development

Who we are?

Who we are?

Software house based in Poland that specializes in web application and mobile application development. Depending on your needs we can develop your project or you can hire a whole development team working in Krakow, the best city for doing IT business in Europe. If you have an old application/system to redesign or new one to develop just contact us and we will choose the best technology solution for you. Applandeo is a reliable partner for companies from Norway, Sweden, UK, Germany and Switzerland.

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Applandeo proved to be a very capable and flexible company. They react quickly and possess the competence and skills to accomplish things even under extremely difficult circumstances. Next to this, it is worth mentioning that Applandeo has a rare, warm and polite human factor to offer, which makes working with them more enjoyable.

Ingolf Wunder

IWPD Management GmbH

Being a large, challenging and long-term project, Applandeo as a software development company brought in their know-how in software architecture, development of frontend and backend solutions, web applications etc. The open and transparent communication, the solution oriented approach and the willingness to go the extra mile for best client service, were the key to a successful project completion.

Bettina Mindt

Groups AG
Managing Director

Applandeo was the key partner during the whole process of implementation Agrippa's systems to efficient logistics management from the technical point of view. What's important, they took a significant part of the development project on their shoulders that allowed us to focus on client business needs. Our clients are happy with the improvements solutions finding it very valuable. It's now used in many logistics centers in the Nordics.

Christian Svendsen

christian svendsen agrippa
Agrippa Solutions AS

From the very beginning of the project we wanted to be in a good communication with the guys responsible for the key part of our app development. Applandeo made it happen. With strong resources we had and Applandeo's smart technical skills we took a few steps forward creating functional web application. We are really happy how they helped us make Finevate what it is today.

Johan Olof Rosell

johan olof rosell fundmill ab
Fund Mill AB

Applandeo is a solution-oriented partner that cares about the success of their clients. Their developers have a professional attitude and perform daily work in a transparent way. We have also been very pleased with the way management follows up, how the cooperation is working and if any improvements can be done.

Sara Söderberg

sara soderberg enera
Enera International AB
Project Manager

It was a big pleasure working with talented Applandeo’s developers. Smooth communication, code quality and understanding the general idea were the key factors that helped to drive project to the happy end. From our point of view, we couldn’t picked a better team.

Wolfram Stacklies

wolfram stacklies rentablo
Rentablo GmBH
CEO & Founder

Some of the things we’re proud of:

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