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Logistics management app

Logistics management app

The Client

Agrippa Solutions AS delivers tailor-made software applications for continuous improvement and routine management. The products can be run as pure cloud solutions or integrated into the company’s ERP systems. Their solutions streamline operations in large warehouses (i.e., supplies LEAN applications, temperature monitoring, and routines management), reduce food waste in hotels and update vital procedures in shopping malls. The collaboration between Agrippa and Applandeo started when our client was interested in resolving the problem of a mobile application written in Xamarin.

Agrippa Solutions AS
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The project’s scope included creating Android and iOS client platforms and a web application to manage notification sent from mobile devices. The project required the implementation of three-layered applications, including creating a transparent user interface based on the customer’s requirements.

Client resources covered database layer. The tasks were to implement the backend and frontend layer, and API, as well as create mobile clients in Xamarin.


Our solutions

Considering the solution’s complexity, we decided to create an application based on microservices architecture with a separate API layer. The client requested that we move some of the core business logic to the database layer. Technologies that we’ve chosen for the project:

  • Web: AngularJS, NodeJS, ASP.NET MVC, express.js
  • Mobile: Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.iOS

For the fast and efficient project work, we decided to operate according to Agile methodology divided into one-week sprints.

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The results

We created a comprehensive IT solution to optimize the business processes of Agrippa’s clients. The most critical decision was the selection of appropriate technologies and architecture. As a result, the application is stable and easily adaptable to meet other clients' demands and excellent scalability.

The results

Technologies we used


The Client’s opinion

Avatar Christian Svendsen Agrippa Solutions AS Partner

Applandeo was the key partner during the implementation of Agrippa's systems to efficient logistics management from the technical point of view. They took a significant part of the development project on their shoulders, which allowed us to focus on client business needs. Our clients are happy with the improvements solutions finding it very valuable. It's now being used in many logistics centers in the Nordics.


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