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AI supported HR web platform

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Project’s background

Our client, Aqeed, is an innovative startup providing insurance technology-based solutions for insurance companies, agents, brokers, and affinity partners worldwide. Aqeed developed several modules to support the human resources management process (including time off, benefits, attendance, and payroll features). At the further stage, the company decided to combine these functionalities into one modern web platform. The cloud-based and AI-supported solution they brought to life allowed reducing the costs of HR activities significantly. Most time-consuming HR processes, such as the documents and information management processes, were automated.

United Arab Emirates
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At that stage, one of the project’s priorities was to create a responsive and fast user interface, which is not only eye-catching, but also easy to use, functional, intuitive, and user-friendly. Here is where our role began. The existing resources included the back-end layer and UI/UX design. Our job was to the architecture of a front-end layer and development.

The technical team at Applandeo finalized the front-end layer architecture, as well as development and implementation.

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Our solutions

Responsiveness and the ability to run a platform on different devices (including mobile) were crucial parts of the client’s expectations. The mobile-first approach requires the use of technologies and solutions that ensure high performance and full compatibility with various browsers and device types.

To develop all the requested components, our team used StencilJS. That is a simple but powerful tool that combines the best concepts of the most popular front-end frameworks (as React, Angular, or Vue). It allows for creating solutions 100% compatible with modern web standards.

What is a characteristic feature of such extended platforms is a high number of being data processed and displayed to users. Using a Flux architecture pattern, we can build the interface, so it does not „overwhelm” the user. It makes it easy to find and filter all the information the user needs quickly. The other tools and frameworks we selected after detailed consultation with the client and his team. Thus we could together find the most optimal solutions. The chosen tech stack:

  • StencilJS
  • VS Code
  • Node.js
  • Flux
  • JQuery
  • SVG
  • Responsive Design
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What was appreciated by Aqeed was an excellent communication at all collaboration levels. That was the key to successful cooperation from the very beginning.

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Technologies we used

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