If you’ve got an idea for a killer app that is sure to sell, it’s a problem if you can’t build it. Not everyone is a skilled mobile app developer, but thankfully, there are app development companies that help take the stress off your shoulders.

In this guide, I’ll look into finding the right app development company and making the right choice as you move forward with your development process.  

What is an App Development Company?

An app development company is a firm that specializes in building functional applications. Most of them work for other clients looking to build apps but who don’t have in-house software development services and expertise. This is why it’s important to have a dedicated team model who will keep an eye on everything while you’ll be able to focus on the business.

While there are thousands of app development companies across the world, you could be careful not to go for the cheapest provider. You get for what you pay for, after all. Carefully select the one you work with based on specific requirements and observations.  

Where to Find an App Development Team

Finding the right app development team can be a daunting task. There are many app developers on the market, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just pick any among them to work on your project. The right team will need to understand your needs and your business model to build the right product.

Primarily, the critical question you will have to ask is whether you want to hire an in-house team or pick freelancers to work on your project.

In-house teams can work on a product from inside your company, but this option can get pricey and may not be right for you. Hiring a team from a software house, however, gives you more flexibility to quickly source developers with the right skills.

It is worth noting that in-house developers will cost more in the long run. They know how professional their services are, and they will command a hefty price. While no one can blame them, you will also need to find ways to save money — especially if resources are limited. This is why many choose to outsource instead.

Generally, you can answer the question of how to find the best mobile app development company by considering your business and your needs. For instance, if you work at an established firm and would like to get things working much quicker, consider hiring a professional outsourced team. Check our list of 10 Best Countries to Outsource Software Development to help you take the first step to find the right company.

Startups can also benefit from the flexibility of working with a software house. Keep your costs in check with a team that adapts to your needs. You can expand a team of specialists quickly to fit your project scope.

Reviews sites such as Clutch.com are a great place to start your search. You can easily shortlist companies that fit your needs. Of course, it also never hurts to look through your connections and see if there are recommendations.   

What to Look for When Choosing an App Development Team

Finding the right app development team can be overwhelming. Sorting through all the good options can be a challenge. However, the goal of finding the right partner will be to get a company that understands exactly what you want and who can work with it.

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company 2

The following parameters will help you understand how to choose the best mobile app development company:

Their portfolio

You’ll need to know that the company understands your project and what you’re creating. To get the best idea of this, check out some of what they’ve done in the past. Knowing their track record will help you determine whether the company will be right for you or not.

Ask about their portfolio and some of the apps they’ve developed in the past. It will be especially useful if you could find apps related to what you want to build. Check the app’s interface, its ease of use, and some of the reviews available.

Watch their expertise

You should also be able to see that the company you chose is up to the task. They should understand the critical features of the app you’re looking to build, and they should have a clear vision of how to work with them.

The developers should also be able to explain how to implement the features they propose and suggest the right frameworks to use. Check whether their software can seamlessly integrate with some of your other workflows and systems.

Their price

Price discussions are also a major factor in choosing a development company. In the end, you need to save money on your processes. So, it’s understandable that you might want to look for ways to cut costs.

When looking to develop an app, it’s not a good idea to go for the cheapest option. Letting price drive you will only cause you to make mistakes with your choice. Remember that you need to create a fantastic product — not the cheapest one you can find.

Balance price and quality with a team of competent specialists. Keep a budget and work within that budget, and let the quality of their work determine whether they fit into your plans.

At the same time, try to ensure that your budget is clear and flexible enough before you sign. You can ask the development company about their processes and milestones, as well as how they charge — whether it’s time and material or fixed-price. 

Beware companies that give you quick fixed-price figures. Software development is complex and has a lot of variables that are hard to predict. Instead, choose a company that charges for time and material and is transparent about reporting. 

Effective communication

No project moves forward without effective communication. If you and the team will work closely, you’ll need to ensure open communication lines and see to it that you can easily exchange ideas and suggestions.

Communication also ensures that you can all share ideas and discuss project details more in depth. Ideally, the right app development team should be ready to discuss project details at least once a week. Watch the team and how they reply to your messages and calls. They should offer their input, just as you do yours as well.

You should also watch the team’s ideation process. Look to see if they seem genuinely interested in the project. If the developers aren’t communicating during this process, then it is a pretty strong indicator that they might not be too serious about the job in the first place.

Choose a company that is willing to build a relationship with you. Everyone should be able to share ideas and opinions towards the goal of building the right app.

How to Interview an App Development Company

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to navigate the app marketplace. This is why you need to vet your partners well and understand who is up to the task.

Generally, a good company should have practical communication skills and the right work ethic. However, you also need to confirm that their system holds up with yours. In that regard, try to ask the following questions when interviewing prospective firms:

Their preferred platforms

You should also know the platforms that the development team is most comfortable with. Can they build apps for several platforms, or do they focus on just a few? If you want to develop an app that works for different platforms, then be clear about that and choose a company that can help bring this to life.

So, make sure to look out for cross-platform services available. The ideal company will understand each platform’s guidelines and ensure that they work within the right parameters.

Your level of involvement

No matter how good the company’s developers are, it will be virtually impossible for them to build your app without your input. Ask about how much involvement they will need from you and how best to move forward in a collaborative manner.

Project timelines

Ask them about project timelines as well. Most importantly, ask about their availability. A lot of app development teams tend to work on multiple projects at the same time. You need to know that these guys are here for you and ready to put in the work.

Ask questions like the number of projects they’re working on currently, their ability to deliver your project on time, and the protocols in place to cater to your needs if a delay arises. It is essential to note that there are dedicated resources ready to handle your project. This way, you can rest assured of the company’s ability to efficiently respond to suggestions and changes – or any other unforeseen challenge with the project.

Understand their design scheme

How to Choose a Mobile App Development Company 3

As you probably already know, building an app goes beyond just the coding aspect of the process. There is also the need to create a proper design and build a stable user experience. For this reason, you need to ensure that the app is designed in line with the most current user experience principles.

So, be sure to ask about the company’s approach to design and what they watch for the most regarding user experience. It will also help if you could see the team’s past work to judge for yourself and verify that they’re the right fit for the job.

On your part, you will also need to create a clear, detailed explanation of the project to ensure that the company knows what you want. Ask them to explain how they understand the project and what they suggest should be the right approach. Good software houses organize product discovery workshops so the scope of work is clear and everyone is on the same page from the beginning.

Ask for things like app mockups, design sketches, and more to test their understanding of what you need. You might need to make some changes to align their work with your vision, but they should at least have an understanding of where you’re going.

Ask about their release procedures

You should also ask the company about their policy concerning releases. They should have policies concerning submitting apps and how they handle releases.

Ideally, a good company will either submit the app for you or guide you through the submission process. You need partners that will stick with you through the submission and the app lifecycle – not those who will just abandon you once the app is live and jump to the next client.

Ask about their app maintenance procedures

There is a good chance that you’ll need to make some upgrades to the app even after it gets up. Fixes, bug patches, and new functionalities are a regular thing when it comes to apps. So, the app development company should have a robust policy about instances like these.

For instance, ask the company whether they charge maintenance at an hourly fee or a monthly fee. Generally, watch to ensure what the policies are for the following:

  • The cost per each app released
  • Their process for handling bug fixes
  • The post-launch support they provide
  • Their process of introducing new functionalities


Getting your app on a marketplace doesn’t require you to be an expert developer anymore. Now, with a little bit of money and extra time on your hands, you can get an app development company to help you out.

The steps outlined above should help you on your path forward and ensure that you pick the right people. Let your creativity shine as you get ready to take on the tech world.

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