How We Innovate

Podcast by Applandeo

We talk with leading innovators, pull back the curtain of their industry, and get to know how they use technology to achieve success, as well as share the stories behind them and their businesses. 

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When business meets technology

Welcome to the “How We Innovate” podcast presented by Applandeo, hosted by Bryan Wysocki and Wioletta Dec. You’ll find here a mix of stories that led to our guests becoming innovators. We’ll get to know how they’re using technology as a tool to achieve that, as well as their business challenges and failures, and most importantly, lessons learned. We’ll also share some personal adventures along the way.

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Episode 6: The mastermind behind successful scaling - Projekt-bez-tytulu-6

Episode 06


May 19, 2022


Business & Tech

The mastermind behind successful scaling

In this episode, we are talking with Yoni Kozminski, the CEO & Founder of MultiplyMii and Escala, where we’ll discover how to scale a business and various aspects of entrepreneurship.

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