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This time, we’ll be talking with Yukon Palmer, the CEO and Founder of FieldLogix – one of the industry’s Leading Field Resource Management Platforms. Get to know him better 👇

About Yukon

Yukon is the CEO and Founder FieldLogix – one of the industry Leading Field Resource Management Platforms. The platform includes telematics (using Artificial Intelligence), dash cameras, route optimization & dispatching, mobile forms, and mobile timekeeping. With AI use, he wants to help fleets improve safety.

Yukon started FieldLogix in 2002, and since then, his SaaS solution has been adopted by some of the largest US companies in the mechanical contracting, construction, transportation, and last-mile delivery industries.

Their achievements so far:
– 100 Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego in 2019 & 2020 – (ranked #12 in 2020)
– Best & Brightest Companies to work for – 2020
– 50 Best Places to Work for – 2020
– 10 Most Innovative Fleet Management Companies – 2017
– IoT Breakthrough Awards winner – Vehicle Telematics Solution of the Year – 2018

Few Questions for Yukon:

1. What was your first job, and what was the most important thing you learned from it?  

I had a paper route. I learned how to collect money from customers and how to work through adverse conditions.

2. Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you have a beer with? 

Phil Knight – Founder of Nike. He is an exceptional marketer and risk-taker.

3. How do you start your day / What does a typical day look like for you? 

I am usually up by 6:15 and I run a few miles each day.

4. What are three apps you can’t live without? 

My Gmail app, Slack, Apple Podcasts.

5. Most influential book or movie? 

Books – Shoe Dog by Phil Knight; Good to Great by Jim Collins. 

Movie – Tucker – The man and his dream.

6. What is the best advice that you’ve ever received?

Move quickly, be decisive, and don’t wait for things to be perfect.

When can you expect the episode?

The episode will be published on the 20th of December 2022. Don’t miss it – follow us on Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, or YouTube, where you can also check our previous episodes!

🎧 Listen to the episode here 🎧

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