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Migrate your app<br> to up-to-date  technology

Migrate your app
to up-to-date technology

The app migration process is not fast and easy. In most cases, it takes months and requires commitment from many people.

Very often this comes as the best or the only way to take your business to the next level. The earlier you make up your mind, the sooner you will get the benefits of migration.

When you should consider tech stack migration?

  • your current app becomes slow and inefficient
  • it is increasingly difficult to prepare new integrations with modern systems/solutions
  • operational costs related to app support and development are increasing
  • you observe other apps becomes more attractive to your customers
  • you consider making changes to the business model of the app

We help companies move from their old, inefficient apps and software solutions to new, present-day technologies and frameworks. We can assist in such migrations as:

  • Java to JavaScript
  • PHP to JavaScript
  • .NET to JavaScript
  • AngularJS to Angular
  • Migration to Cloud

  • Analyzing the current state of your application

  • Creating a map of risks related to migration and preparing possible solutions

  • Choosing the right technology

  • Planning and starting works related to migration

  • Progress control

  • Implementing and maintaining the new app