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From a strip club DJ to a king of podcasts

In the first episode, we are talking with Ralph Sutton. He’s the founder of Gas Digital Network – a podcast platform with over 25 shows.

Episode 1: From a strip club DJ to a king of podcasts, with Ralph Sutton, Founder at GaS Digital Network 

In the first episode, thanks to Ralph Sutton, we had a chance to dive into the podcast world and absorb his knowledge in this area. During our conversation, he told us about his path (slightly unorthodox) that has led him to where he is now. Ralph and his team recently managed to take advantage of the pandemic and grew his business throughout the crisis despite the challenges it created. We also discussed the technical aspects of running his company, and 2021 need to exist online. Listen to the podcast to find out how they did it!

First episode in a nutshell:

  • Ralph’s professional journey
  • The story and mission behind the Gas Digital Network
  • The culture of podcasting vs. the radio
  • The technology challenges of the transition to remote as a result of the pandemic
  • A dedicated app – does a podcast network need it and why
  • The model of hiring external teams or a vendor from a different continent

About Ralph

Many can call him the ‘King of Podcasts.’ Ralph Sutton is an NYC-based entrepreneur and the Gas Digital Network co-owner, a podcast network with over 25 shows, including the SDR (Sex, Drugs, and Rock’n’roll) Show, which he co-hosts with the renowned Big Jay Okerson. He brings more than two decades of experience in radio and entertainment. No wonder that his radio voice attracts the audience on his social media profiles, too.

Recently, we also asked him a few questions to get to know him better – read it here.

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