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Graphic interface for fin-tech web application

Graphic interface for fin-tech web application

The Client

Rentablo is a platform for private wealth management and wealth building. With the finance manager, Rentablo ensures transparency over individual current asset situations through the aggregate administration of custody accounts, accounts, insurance, and other assets. It helps define personal pension or retirement savings goals yourself and review them regularly.

Rentablo GmbH
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Wolfram and André, the co-founders of Rentablo, were looking for a reliable partner with experience and useful technical resources to help them with the implementation of graphic interface for the web application. Client resources covered design and backend layer. Our tasks were to Implement a landing page and selected components of the backend as well as the frontend layer.


Our solutions

Thanks to experience in the implementation of similar projects, our developers decided to use proven technologies. Frontend layer bases on the following technology stack:

  • AngularJS
  • Widely-adopted JavaScript charting library
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Bootstrap

We used the widely-adopted JavaScript charting library that significantly speeds up the implementation of all sorts of graphs and charts. It offers several ready-made components that can get easily adapted to the needs of the project. AngularJS was selected to support the real-time interface updating to make it easier to present the data according to requirements and user actions.

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The results

As a result, the web application’s landing page design and usability improved significantly. The suitable choice of technologies and libraries used in the project results in a dynamic user experience, adding value to Rentablo customers.

The results

Technologies we used


The Client’s opinion

Avatar Wolfram Stacklies Rentablo GmBH CEO & Founder

It was a great pleasure working with talented Applandeo’s developers. Smooth communication, code quality, and understanding the general idea were the key factors that helped drive the project to a happy end. From our point of view, we couldn’t pick a better team.


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