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Fleet management and vehicle tracking mobile app

Fleet management and vehicle tracking mobile app

The Client

Enera International AB is a market leader in communication systems providing and develops great solutions for emergency notification, tracking, and management. Enera works with over 400 private and public organizations globally. Their solutions are used for business-critical and time-critical applications where continuity, reliability, and security are top priorities. Among other systems, Enera has created Call&Report, a cost-effective and smart field service management tool. Call&Report is a GPS for planning, administering, and monitoring winter maintenance work and other fieldwork, such as green area maintenance and property maintenance.

Enera International AB
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The goal was to extend the Call & Report platform adding a dedicated mobile application for iOS and Android. The app addresses the needs of people, who mainly work in-the-field, often in challenging conditions. That is why it has to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. As that is a 100% professional work tool, it has to be reliable and practical in both – online and offline mode.

Based on the provided API and App design, our task was to create a Xamarin mobile application for iOS and Android.


Our solutions

After consulting and analyzing all the client’s requirements and expectations, we agreed that the Xamarin platform would be the best choice for developing such an application. Other tools and technologies used in this project allowed our developers to easily integrate the app with the existing Call&Report platform components and proved the reliability expected by our client. For example, MvvmCross framework to share behavior and business logic in a single codebase across supported platforms, using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern or SQLite.NET database engine – fast and efficient, easy to integrate with different, not only Xamarin projects. Technology stack:

  • C#
  • Xamarin
  • Rx.NET
  • MvvmCross
  • SQLite.NET
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Benefits of our custom development

The tool that has been developed as a result is reliable, functional, and adapted to the existing platform. The iOS app is released and available on AppStore, the Android app will be released soon.

Benefits of our custom development

Technologies we used


The Client’s opinion

Avatar Sara Söderberg Enera International AB Project Manager

Applandeo is a solution-oriented partner that cares about the success of their clients. Their developers have a professional attitude and transparently perform daily work. We've been pleased with how the management followed up, how the cooperation works, and improvements can be made.


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