Tech stack
  • Client needs

    Our client has developed a digital device dedicated for dentists/orthodontists. It is able to make detailed and dynamic measurements of the relationship between the angulation of the teeth of the upper arch to the position of the head, and gather data necessary to prepare dentures and braces, choose the treatment method, etc. The main assumption was to reduce the time needed to prepare a traditional (physical) dental mold and send it to the dental prosthetist. Our goal was to prepare a mobile application that will complement these devices and expand their capabilities by the ability to fetch, save and send data directly to a person responsible for further processing and use.

  • Client resources

    • product backlog
    • UI/UX design

  • Our tasks

    • choose a technology stack suitable for this project
    • develop mobile app for iOS and Android from scratch

  • Solution

    After considering all the requirements and purposes, the mobile development team decided to build an app for iOS and Android using Xamarin and several tools/frameworks selected to provide high performance and reliability. The application allows to pair mobile phones with an external device via WiFi and the ability to manage all of its functions. Most of all, it allows immediate download measurements, assigns them to an individual patient profile and then sends via e-mail to previously defined contacts (i.e. dental prosthetists). The app also has a built-in camera function, that lets users make and attach up to 16 detailed photos (taken at the specific angle indicated by the app), as a complement to previous measurements. The built-in patient database gives the possibility to store all results, compare them with values from other tests and keep the treatment history in one, easily accessible place. Technology stack:

    • C#
    • Xamarin
    • Rx.NET
    • MvvmCross
    • SQLite.NET

  • Results

    According to the client's assumptions, mobile app created by our developers contains all required functionalities and in combination with external devices, is a precise, professional and reliable tool, that not only helps dentists and technicians in their everyday work but also allows to raise the patients sense of comfort.

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