Groups AG
Tech stack
Jira / Confluence / Bitbucket
Node.js v4/v6 using ES6
Sql database with Sequelize
  • Client needs

    Groups AG is the market leader for booking of group accommodations in Switzerland. Their platform needed to be completely replaced with a new, state-of-the-art proprietary development: The replacement project included the digitization of the company’s internal operational processes and a domain change. Strategic priorities were the search functionality, the accommodation presentation and the inquiry issuance for the organizers of group trips - in four languages. Equally important was the high performance on all kinds of user devices and the SEO requirements. Also, the hosts should get a simple to use and self-explanatory admin area to maintain their data, incl. validations. And the Groups AG employees to have an admin area to support and interact with its clients and maintain the platform CMS contents.

  • Client resources

    • specification
    • IT architecture
    • knowledge transfer from former solution technical aspects, e.g. the proprietary search functionality
    • project manager
    • UI/UX design
    • documentation

  • Our tasks

    • develop an architecture based on microservices and APIs
    • design the platform structure and its three apps
    • develop backend layer
    • create frontend layer (re-write to Angular)
    • develop and implement proprietary business functionalities (CMS, CRM, DAM, ERP)
    • client data migration
    • server administration

  • Solution

    Considering the client’s needs and expectations, we mutually decided to choose a technology stack that fulfilled the project’s requirements and is simple to maintain and to further develop. Together with the client, our developers have designed and implemented a full backend solution based on Node.js, which is lightweight but fast and an efficient tool, perfectly suited to such comprehensive web platforms with three apps and with a complex backend. Together, we also chose a SQL database with Sequelize to build a database solution tailored to the requirements and types of user data. To create a frontend layer our developers used Angular. One of the overarching goals was to digitize and integrate the entire business layer and create internal, made-to-measure tools for comprehensive management, such as CMS, DAM, CRM and ERP systems and data entry validation rules. We also conducted a data migration from the previous version of the platform and a domain change, which required designing a proper site structure, URL redirection logic and optimization to save all SEO results in four languages. Developing such large projects requires planning, tasks division and tracking of progress. For this, we used such tools as Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket, combined with clear project management responsibilities and tester resources. Technology stack:

    • Node.js v4/v6 using ES6
    • Angular
    • Redis
    • Express.js
    • Webpack
    • Sql database with Sequelize
    • Jira / Confluence / Bitbucket
    • Cloudflare

  • Results

    We have fulfilled the requirements and expectations of by creating a modern, scalable, user-oriented infrastructure (web and backend), prepared for easy maintenance and further developments with the same stability and performance. It was a challenging, complex and long-term project requiring the involvement and cooperation of a large team of developers specializing in various technologies, but yet - one of the most satisfying projects we’ve ever done.

Being a large, challenging and long-term project, Applandeo as a software development company brought in their know-how in software architecture, development of frontend and backend solutions, web applications, etc. The open and transparent communication, the solution-oriented approach and the willingness to go the extra mile for best client service, were the key to a successful project completion.
Bettina Mindt
Bettina Mindt

Managing Director, Groups AG

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