Tech stack
JSON Server
Styled compontents
  • Client needs

    CRIF is a global fintech company / credit bureau specializing in business information, outsourcing and processing services, credit soflutions etc. They offer a wide range of tools and services related, among others, to credit risk assessment, credibility, ratings, decision-making process, credit collection or business process optimization for lenders, banks, companies and customers. One of their key solutions, an on-line system that has been running for over ten years, which allows for collecting and processing information about contractors, required some changes. The main assumption was to update the tech stack to meet today’s standards and also adjust the user interface design to increase the readability of displayed data. Our designers and web developers team have prepared and implemented a completely new UI/UX design and front-end layer.

  • Client resources

    • back-end layer
    • API

  • Our tasks

    • UI/UX design
    • Front-end layer development and implementation

  • Solution

    According to the client’s requirements, our designers have prepared a new, intuitive, user-oriented interface project. The new, clear way of presenting data allows users to find the most relevant information and compare them with other database records faster and easier, which significantly affects the comfort of their work. Custom designed icons and minimalistic elements matching the corporate identity standards, makes the interface look modern and unique. Our web developers team have been responsible for new design implementation and creating front-end layer from scratch. Together with developers working on the client’s side, we decided to choose a tech stack that will ensure high performance (necessary when working on a large amount of data provided by API), and possibility for further development. Front-end layer is based on React and Redux – libraries that are great for websites containing a lot of data changing over time. We have choosen styled-components framework for creating lightweight, responsive user interface and Cypress for running detailed browser test. For testing & development we also used a mock-API built on JSON Server. Technology stack:

    • React
    • Redux
    • Webpack
    • Styled components
    • Cypress
    • JSON Server

  • Results

    Within 3 months our team completed all assumptions defined by CRIF, through design new, intuitive user interface and lightning-fast front-end layer implementation. Proper project analysis, suitable tech stack choice and transparent communication were crucial for the success of this project.

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