user interface case study
Fund Mill AB
Tech stack
Angular 2
  • Client needs

    Johan, CEO of Fund Mill AB, approached us with the task of implementation a user interface based on the supplied graphic design created by UI Designer. Johan wanted to make the interface fast and modern and the app to work smoothly on each type of equipment. It was important to retain pixel perfect principle in accordance with the design. There were static and dynamic elements in the application. That’s why technology should be chosen in a way to meet expectations of the customers.

  • Client resources

    Design and backend layer

  • Our tasks

    Implementation of frontend layer

  • Solution

    Analyzing the Johan’s requirements we decided to use the following technology stack to implement frontend layer of the project:

    • Angular 2
    • TypeScript
    • HTML/CSS
    • Bootstrap

    For the fast and efficient project work we decided to operate according to Agile methodology divided into one-week sprints. Johan was able to talk daily with our Developers about the progress of work.

  • Results

    Thanks to fitted technology selection and perfectly prepared design we helped Johan in creation efficient and functional web application tailored to the demand of the Swedish market. The application complies with the best coding standards. The interface is clean and transparent. The cooperation went so well that Johan has decided to cooperate with us once again. At this point, we move the application interface from AngularJS 1.5 to Angular 4.0.

From the very beginning of the project we wanted to be in a good communication with the guys responsible for the key part of our app development. Applandeo made it happen. With strong resources we had and Applandeo's smart technical skills we took a few steps forward creating functional web application. We are really happy how they helped us make Finevate what it is today.
Johan Olof Rosell
Johan Olof Rosell

CEO, Fund Mill AB

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