Best Mobile App Development Tools in 2022

Mobile app development is a great way to get users to interact with your brand and gain new users for projects. If you’re trying to develop an app, you’ll need tools and frameworks to craft your vision.

There are thousands of mobile app development tools for developers to use for mobile app development. Many of these tools help developers get a better sense of how their apps work and how people interact with them.

What are the best mobile app development tools to help you create your project?

This guide will help point you in the right direction! Find out which mobile app development tool will help you build it.

Mobile App Tools vs Frameworks

One distinction to make here is that tools differ from frameworks. Frameworks are complete ecosystems of tools, software, debugging tools, compilers, and programming interfaces. Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native are some popular examples.

The tools we’re listing here, however, help programmers develop and maintain mobile apps. From analytics to testing to UX design, these programs are in the mobile app developer’s daily toolbox.

Mobile Analytics

Analytics tools allow you to dig into the data your app is collecting so you’ll be able to make decisions on how to change or add features, or optimize areas of your app. Mobile analytics tools such as Google Analytics and MixPanel are some of the most useful tools to use. 

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Google Analytics

Developers can use the analytics to gain a deeper understanding of the way their websites and mobile apps are performing.

Mix Panel

MixPanel tool helps you learn more about your mobile app users and create an app that meets these needs. For example, one insight you’ll get is information about user behavior. Understanding user behavior will help you make adjustments and fix issues that could drive users away.

Crash Analytics

Downtime for your app means lost revenue and lost users, but crash analytics tools can help reduce downtime by providing a clear map of errors that are taking place no matter what type of coding language you’ve used to build your app.


Sentry monitors each angle of your app. You can use the trace view and navigator to get to the bottom of the issue quicker and find a solution to reduce the chances of this bug occurring later on at a different point in your app. It’s one of the best apps out there for performance monitoring.

Firebase Crash Analytics

Firebase crashlytics makes it possible for you to understand mobile app crashes and remedy the situation moving forward. The tool provides alerts in real-time because it’s essential to catch problems before they occur. You can also integrate with the system you’re using instead of starting over.


Continuous integration and continuous delivery is a method of software development that emphasizes ongoing automation and monitoring of an app throughout its lifecycle. Developers can use CI to continuously add new code to an existing repository. Some CI/CD tools help streamline that work. 


Bitrise offers a series of features that allow you to build your mobile app from the ground up. After you’ve built the app, you can then use the same platform to test it and then make it available to your users as quickly as possible.


Fastlane helps you streamline your app development by automating some of the monotonous tasks involved in developing a mobile app. 


As with Firebase Crash Analytics, Firebase also helps you build and test your app while you’re developing it. It will update in real time and allow you to keep adding new features as you go along. 


When you use TestFlight, you can build and make the app available for testing. People who volunteered to be testers will then install the TestFlight app and provide in-depth feedback about the functionality of your application.

Google Beta

Test your app on google’s serverless cloud. This allows you to build and deploy apps quickly and automate your deployments. 

Pull Request Tools

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Pull requests happen when you’re ready to merge new code changes with existing repositories. There’s often a lot of code to review and changes can have unintended results if you don’t do it properly. That’s how PR tools can help. They often flag dependencies so you can address them before you proceed.


Danger helps automate several tasks so that your pull requests don’t go ahead without all the correct style guidelines. 

Static Code Analysis

Static code analysis is a debugging method that developers use by examining the code without executing the program. The process provides devs with a view of the code structure and can help ensure that the code follows style guides and industry standards. Some helpful tools to use are ktlint for Kotlin and SwiftLint for Swift mobile apps. 

Development Tools for Mobile

Developing an app can be complex. There are a lot of moving parts that have to fit together. Some parts are incompatible with others. That’s why it’s essential that you use some development tools to help streamline your development. 

GIT Client

A GIT client is a visual tool that allows you to work with the version control system in a more comfortable way. It doesn’t require writing commands manually, so you can perform tasks faster.


Vysor allows you to access a phone screen on your desktop. It’s useful for both developing and testing mobile apps. 

Charles Proxy

Charles is a proxy program that lets you view all the HTTP and SSL / HTTPS traffic between your device and the internet. Requests, responses and the HTTP headers that contain cookies and caching information are among them. 

POE Editor

POE Editor streamlines translations for your applications for localization as you expand into other markets. 


Making sure your app works across devices is an essential step in development. There are both manual and automated tests. Some of the manual testing can be offset by automating some of the more tedious aspects of the testing process.


Automated testing tool Rainforest QA enables you to run tests on your mobile app to isolate any bugs and fix them before they go into production. It gives you detailed bug reports as well as other vital information for your quality assurance specialists to flag. 


User interface design and user experience can make or break an app. It’s essential that you devote time and resources to get it right. Here are some of the tools mobile app developers use to check usability. 

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Figma is a go-to design platform to create and test out UI designs. 

Adobe XD

More than just a design tool, Adobe XD offers a series of UX/UI tools that can help you with everything from designing to creating your mobile app prototype.


Designers can prototype an app interface in Sketch and hand off the designs seamlessly to developers. 


Animations and microinteractions are vital for any modern-looking mobile app. Lottie is a place to source, create and test out animations. 


Easy to use and collaborate over, Zeplin is one of the most popular design tools for developing mobile apps. 

Mobile App Development Tools to Make Your App Better

There are hundreds of mobile app development tools, and we’ve listed some of the ones we use every day. These are some of the best ones that make our life easier and we consider them essential to the mobile app development process.

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