It was the first Xamarin Evolve since Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Xamarin, a leading provider for cross-platform mobile development. Since then a lot has changed. Xamarin went open source and has become a free platform for all Visual Studio users. Therefore, it was clear the next Evolve will arouse more interest than the previous ones. The training tickets were sold out in the beginning of April. The future attendees started to tweet eagerly about the event. It was calculated that more then 600 people will take part in the trainings and another 1000 will join the Xamarin Evolve on Wendnesday. That’s a lot, much more than in last years! Robert Ross, VP of Business Development in Xamarin, came up with the idea to give them something unique and useful. He build a team of Xamarin Developers to create a mobile app called GoodCase. We are happy to announce that Applandeo was the part of that team!


What GoodCase is?

GoodCase is a mobile app that allows Evolve attendees to customize a free, personalized design case for iPhone (from 4 to 6S Plus), Samsung Galaxy S (from 3 to 7), Galaxy Note (4 and 5), Google Nexus 5 and LG G4. The app is available for iOS and Android. What was the first users impressions of using GoodCase? Janice Tong, Marketing Manager at Judo Payments, appreciated an intuitive UX of the app.


Talking about UX, mobile app is very easy to use. You can choose one of the existing case design:

goodcase xamarin evolve - choosing case design


or create the one by yourself. Just need to make 4 simple steps to create your own case:

goodcase xamarin evolve - step by step


Everything is clear and the only thing that left was going to Darwin Lounge at Xamarin Evolve to pick up a freshly printed case. Of course if you were one of the attendees.


Do they liked it?

Just take a look at the numbers of tweets where Evolve attendees presented the cases. They were willingly to use such words as awesome, rocks, cool, love, beautiful or perfect gift. Using of GoodCase was a great way to show the creativity and identity with the all people participating at the conference.

gooodcase xamarin evolve attendees cases

The photos of cases published on Twitter by Evolve attendees


We are proud!

GoodCase was a great success during the whole Xamarin Evolve. A lot of participants designed and printed their very own cases totally for free. All opinions about the mobile app are positive. We were a part of the GoodCase project from the beginning. These few months of work in a team, supervised by specialists from Xamarin, turned into a great solution. Simple solution that was designed not only to give people something for free, but also to make them happy being a part of Xamarin family of which we are a part as Applandeo.

Big thanks to Rob and the whole GoodCase team!

We hope to create even more Xamarin apps together in the future 🙂


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