In the U.S., there are currently 10 million more weekly podcast listeners than Netflix subscribers. Since this could signal the beginning of a transition from visual to audio media, the same is true for entrepreneurial and tech-related content.

If you are interested in new technologies, VR, NFT, smart solutions, or starting and developing your own tech company, the podcast scene is a great place to learn and stay informed. However, with over 2,000,000 shows available, it can be difficult to determine which resources are most useful for growing your business.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the 10 best business and tech podcasts that will keep you up to date on the latest developments and provide you with the inspiration and knowledge you need to thrive.

A16z Podcast

a16z Podcast

As technology changes the way we work, study, spend our free time and interact with each other, the a16z podcast is the perfect place to understand what’s happening. Created by Andreessen Horowitz, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, its hosts interview industry experts, corporate executives, and other specialists. The focus is on technology in its entirety — news, new trends, and predictions about future technologies.

It’s a very accessible podcast for both tech-savvy listeners and people who want to learn more. Their perspective can be very interesting because it is a combination of purely technological concerns and the larger commercial perspective of the investor. Check out the a16z podcast if you are interested in entrepreneurial information and want to put yourself in the shoes of an investor.

The BizChix Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 2

 The BizChix is a regular weekly business podcast that brings you professional insights and business advice on the issues facing women in the workplace today. Natalie Eckdahl, business coach, professional speaker, and mother, is the host who shares advice on how to balance career and personal life as a successful female entrepreneur through high-quality interviews.

 The podcast is an excellent choice for aspiring and experienced women entrepreneurs who want to as leaders, fine-tune their tactics and make a name for themselves in the industry. The podcast presents a unique and refreshing perspective backed by solid business know-how and personal stories in an inspiring but not conceited way.

Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast

A revolutionary and award-winning podcast about successful entrepreneurship, business and finance, published daily by John Lee Dumas, an American entrepreneur, and podcaster living in Puerto Rico. His content is of high quality and is published daily, resulting in one million listeners per month. It offers interviews, Q&A sessions, and even business reports.

Entrepreneurs on Fire is for anyone who wants to turn an idea into a profitable business. The insightful conversations from businesspeople who have succeeded, failed, and learned are encouraging and served up with a dash of humor and practical information. If you are looking for actionable content with an energetic host, you should get it!

How I Built This with Guy Raz 

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 4

In this podcast, Guy Raz, journalist and radio host, explores the behind-the-scenes of some well-known companies like Wikipedia and offers advice for every step of the entrepreneurial journey. He interviews “innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists” to ask them about their struggles and how they knew it was worth investing time in their early ideas.

 We recommend it as it’s a detailed account of the backstory of businesses that have become so important in today’s world. If you are thinking of starting the next Facebook, opening a small coffee shop in your neighborhood, or just want to get informed and inspired, watch this podcast to see how much courage and hard work it takes.

American Innovations

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 5

American Innovations, hosted by popular science writer Steven Johnson, explores the history of science and technology and historical breakthroughs of the past. The show appears weekly. It highlights the stories of scientists, engineers, and everyday people responsible for today’s age of AI, smartphones, and virtual reality. The show flows through a sequence of stories, each with commentary by a host.

If you’re interested in an engaging, narrative podcast format that will expand your knowledge of tech innovation and history, this series is for you. It is also very accessible to non-technical listeners who can learn about the basics and unknown mechanics of past and present technology solutions in a story format.

When it clicked

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 6

When it Clicked is a podcast produced by ClickUp and hosted by Ilana Strauss, a Chicago-based journalist whose writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Economist, National Geographic, and many others. Her main focus is to discuss lesser-known success stories of very well-known companies such as Gdocs, Salesforce, and Shopify.

What makes this podcast special is that it highlights the unusual beginnings of now great companies that were once humble startups or encountered challenges in their early days. For entrepreneurs, this podcast is essential to get inspired and change your perspective on business.

Business Casual

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 7

In Business Casual, you can expect exciting interviews with business leaders, inventors, and movers and shakers, but in a unique and fast-paced comedic format. Nora Ali, a journalist, and Scott Rogowsky, a comedian, guarantee that entertaining and intelligent information will be delivered twice a week. Here is your chance to hear about the rapid changes in real estate, the changes in blood testing technology and industry, or even the impact of TikTok on the economy.

Subscribing to this podcast is worth a try, as this show is invigorating and tackling deep topics in a casual, fresh way. Each conversation is insightful, and Nora’s inquisitive approach reveals personal stories that you can identify with, rather than just marvel at.

Technology Revolution: The Future of Now 

10 Top Business and Tech Podcasts for Entrepreneurs 8

In Technology Revolution: The Future of Now, presenter Bonnie D. Graham, who has also been an acclaimed creator and live radio talk show host since 1998, meets with forward-thinking pioneers and discusses life-changing technologies and topics like privacy, drones, social media noise, and wine technology live each week.

What struck us is the high merit of the informative speakers who address topics that deal with new technologies and their impact on business and everyday life. A great way to stay informed, motivated, and explore ideas you thought you already knew. A must for entrepreneurs and people with interest in business and science.


TechTrends podcast

TechTrends brings insight into the latest technological, fintech, and digital fads and innovations such as quantum computing, blockchain solutions, or cloud security issues. Anish Bhimani, Chief Product Officer for JPMorgan Chase Commercial Banking, talks about how emerging technology is changing virtually every industry and how you can leverage the latest trends to improve your business.

You should give it a try if you are keen on current technologies presented in an easily digestible format. Anish and his guests are authentic, well-informed, and entertaining. What we like even more about “TechTrends” is the time they take to explore broader, non-customer facing trends in enterprise technology to ensure you take something away from each episode.

How We Innovate Podcast

How We Innovate podcast

Finally, we saved a freshly released business and tech podcast from Applandeo that debuted on 8 December 2021. The guests, interviewed by business development manager Bryan Wysocki and a seasoned marketer Wioletta Dec, talk about their journey to innovative entrepreneurship and its ups and downs. You are sure to learn how they use new technologies for business success, as well as get some personal advice.

It may be new, but it’s definitely worth exploring for tech-savvy entrepreneurs. The range of guests is broad and interesting, as it includes successful individuals with backgrounds in big companies like Amazon, game development, or the cryptocurrency industry — and not just from a purely technical perspective.


As you know, there is a wide range of business and tech podcasts for entrepreneurs to choose from. On the other hand, the ones we have selected above transcend beyond basic information and consider the business, technical, and personal contexts.

It’s not easy to start or maintain a technology-based business, so why not benefit from a little extra help? We should be able to help you if you need additional support or expert services.

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