Cautus Geo AS
Tech stack
Azure Cloud
Entity Framework Core
Team City
  • Client needs

    Cautus Geo AS is a company specializing in comprehensive solutions for environmental and geo-monitoring. Advanced systems with various types of sensors and dedicated software allows for monitoring several different factors (temperature, wind etc.), events (pressure, leakage etc.) and puts them together for further analysis, to find some unnatural deviations or create predictive models​. ​Due to the reliability and high precision of measurements, these solutions are used in many different industries, including those where geo-data monitoring has a crucial meaning for work planning, progress and safety. Applandeo, as the technology partner, has developed several projects for Cautus Geo AS, one of them was Cautus Weather – a web platform that allows for online weather conditions monitoring. It is a solution dedicated to ski resorts, ski lifts operators etc. that enables to deliver live info about weather conditions (temperature, wind speed & direction, pressure, snowfall, snow depth etc.). Our team was responsible for developing the back-end and front-end layers.

  • Client resources

    • hardware (sensor system)
    • database containing information received from sensors

  • Our tasks

    • develop back-end layer
    • develop front-end layer
    • API development
    • UI/UX design
    • server configuration & administration

  • Solution

    According to the client’s expectations and project assumptions, our developers decided to choose a tech stack for this project that provides high performance, reliability and scalability. The platform has to display real-time data and handle a large number of users at the same time. To create a back-end layer (creating API to connect and retreive weather data from the existing MsSql database) we used such technologies and tools as C#, ASP.NET Core and Entity framework core. Front-end layer (with user’s accounts, registration/login panels etc.) was created using Angular and TypeScript – for speed, stability and possibility to configure as expected. To properly visualize the received data we have implemented such libraries as OpenLayers and Highcharts. Application is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud, which ensures high efficiency and reliability. Technology stack:

    • Angular
    • TypeScript
    • ASP.NET Core
    • C#
    • MsSql
    • Entity framework core
    • OpenLayers
    • Highcharts
    • Team City
    • Azure

  • Results

    Our developers and system administrators fulfilled the expectations of Cautus Geo AS by creating and implementing comprehensive back-end and front-end solutions. The web application we prepared is fast and reliable. What is more, presents the data in a readable and accessible manner.

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