Tech conferences in Poland are becoming more popular every single year. Great organization, exemplary event management, high expertise of the speakers and the effective pre-event promotion. In this case tech conferences in Poland stand in a one row with the well-known European events. Today I’m gonna present you a list of 7 tech conferences that, in my opinion, are worth to attend in the 1st half of 2017.


1. Big Data Tech Warsaw Summit 2017    big data summit tech conferences in poland

Date: February 9, 2017
Place: Warsaw

Probably one of the most topic-focused conference in the IT industry. The organizers chose the path of purely technical talks. That’s why they decided to accept the limited number of sponsors who could select or curate the talks. Big Data Tech Warsaw is a one-day conference assisted by 50 data-driven practitioners, including real pioneers of Big Data working at Facebook, Uber, Alibaba, Spotify or Skyscanner. This year the conference is focused on analysis, scalability, storage and search. There will be plenary session with the best keynotes and 4 theme paths cover the most important aspects of Big Data like: Operations & Deployment, Hadoop Application Development, Analytics & Data Science and Real-Time Processing. The conference is a great source of Big Data technical and practical use. See the highlights of the last year Big Data Tech Summit that achieved a great success.


2. Mobile Trends Conference 2017    mobile trends conference tech conferences in poland

Date: March 8-10, 2017
Place: Krakow

The biggest conference about mobile techniques, technology and marketing in Poland with approximately more than 1000 attendees every year. The general topic of the conference is very broad and combines extremely important scopes of creating and promoting mobile solutions. It is no secret that the world of marketing, technology and IoT go hand in hand in the last years. That’s why you can find on the speakers list many marketing practicioners with a strong experience in creating products strictly connected with tech industry. What topics will be discussed at the conference? Starting with mobile consumer behaviors and UI/UX aspects, through mobile marketing, ending with case studies related to mobile market in Poland. Mobile Trends Conference lasts 3 days and ends with annually Mobile Trends Awards that select the best companies of the mobile industry in the last year.


3. Wolves Summit 2017    wolves summit tech conferences in poland

Date: March 28-29, 2017
Place: Warsaw

On of the biggest networking event for promising startups, tech companies, investors and entrepreneurs interested in new technologies from all around the world. Wolves Summit adopts a different formula of the conference that mainly focuses on creating comfortable networking environment for attendees like: pre-schedule 1:1 meetings, speed dates among startups and investors, dedicated meetings areas or networking parties. If you decide to attend as a startup you can participate completely free of charge. It’s a great opportunity to present your startup to 250 investors and 350 executives eg. during Great Pitch which is a pitching competition for 35 qualified startups and 7 scaleups. Organizers have also announced a series of lectures and workshops providing by well-known experts. If you want to gain investment and clients or get a valuable feedback then go to the Wolves Summit.


4. 4Developers Festival 2017    4developers tech conferences in poland

Date: April 3, 2017
Place: Warsaw

The most programming oriented event in Poland. The main goal of 4Developers Festival is to exchange of knowledge and IT community experiences. It’s an opportunity to meet many world class developers, architects, testers, coders, team leaders, managers and students related to IT. The festival program is divided into 14 distinct tracks connected with specific programming languages (Java, JavaScript, .Net, Ruby and PHP) or technical business use (application architecture, gamedev, business relations, expertise path). The festival offers 105 lectures lead by 130 speakers. Attendees can boost their knowledge in many ways having an access to complex knowledge from different fields of IT. It’s a great opportunity to create innovative solutions while networking, meet new people and exchange IT knowledge. There is also a place to discuss about success or failure dev stories and soft skills in IT.


5. Code Europe    code europe tech conferences in poland

Date: April 26, May 23, May 25, 2017
Place: Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw (in order)

Completely newbie on the list of tech conferences in Poland. The first edition of Code Europe took place at the end of last year in two polish cities ie. Warsaw and Krakow. Almost 9 000 people have registered to participate in the event. Turnout was about 70% which gives an extraordinary number of more than 6 000 participants within 3 days. That’s impressive. This year’s spring edition will be held in 3 cities ie. Warsaw, Krakow and Wroclaw. The main themes of the conference are Backend/Frontend, Mobile and Big Data. Everyone will find something for himself. Code Europe keynote speakers are the experts working for PayPal, Unicorn, Spotify or Detectify who will cover 150 workshops and lectures related to 40 technologies. The conference is connected with IT Career Fairs. Special chill-out zone creates the possibility of networking and relaxing between lectures.


6. InfoShare 2017    infoshare tech conferences in poland

Date: May 17-19, 2017
Place: Gdansk

More than 5000 participants and thousands of developers, executives, entrepreneurs, startuppers and innovation leaders among them. As a result, we receive the biggest tech conference in Central-Eastern Europe. InfoShare is a three-day conference that classically begins with Before Party a one day before the conference and ends with Closing Party in the evening of the last day. Seems like the organizers take a very good care of networking side of the conference. The last year agenda was divided into lectures and workshops running simultaneously at the same time. Creation of dedicated stages (Inspire, Tech, Startup) make it easier for participants to choose the appropriate lectures. Moreover, startup owners can count on the support of mentors and inventors in the Startup Zone.

applandeo at infoshare tech conferences in poland

We had the pleasure to participate in the last two editions of InfoShare. From our perspective, the event creates the best possibilities to establish new business relationships. In addition, the conference is very well-organized in all aspects. We hope to see you at InfoShare 2017 that we’re going to consequently take part in again this year 🙂


7. Let’s Manage IT Conference 2017    lmit tech conferences in poland

Date: June 7-9, 2017
Place: Gdynia

The conference dedicated to IT Managers at all levels. The main goal of the event is to define the role of IT Manager, present current trends in IT management and prepare all participants to work in this continuously evolving role. LMIT offers more than 25 sessions in 3 content tracks focused mainly on analyzing case studies (Leadership and culture in digital age, Closing the gap between IT and business, Emerging technologies and frameworks). Optionally, each participant can join Gear Up workshops a one day before LMIT conference. It’s an unique program that focus on practical and immediate application back on the job. The main task is to develop the skills that can be useful for IT Managers in the future. The three-day conference will be assisted by the speakers who successfully manage part of the companies such as Fujitsu, DreamLab, PZU, BPH, GamingWorks or Cisco.


Can’t wait for the June’s LMIT Conference? Join Lean IT Forum on March 29th in Warsaw, an international one day conference that brings Lean IT, Agile and DevOps community together. The goal of the event is to show how organizations are balancing between social aspect of lean and lean tools, methods and their implementation. The conference will be filled with cases, which illustrate lean approaches applied in IT context. This is also a unique opportunity to meet Mike Orzen, the godfather of Lean IT and author of the book „Lean IT: Enabling and Sustaining Your Lean Transformation”.

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tech conferences in poland - lean it forum registration


To sum up

In conclusion, whether you are a developer, coder, startup owner, entrepreneur, team leader, manager or student you have a planty of options to choose while thinkg about attending a tech conference in Poland. However, only you can decide what’s your goal and which one is appropriate for you. One thing is for sure, participation in each of these 7 conferences is a bull’s eye.

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