The way in which people drink coffee has changed. You can see those changes mainly at work, where coffee has become an integral part of workplace culture. Nowadays it’s common that for employees the phrase „let’s have a cup of coffee” has come to mean „let’s have a conversation”. Why is this happening?


Take downtime to improve creativity

Coffee break is a moment of downtime when workmates can meet together and talk about anything they want. This is crucial in the context of coping with stress in the workplace. These informal meetings over a cup of coffee can help to encourage creativity through sharing ideas or exchange the views. Taking part in coffee break regulary let employees create social groups, which have positive influence on productivity.

All changes taking place in the world of coffee drinkers, especially in the workplace, allowed us to create an app that makes it easier to gather all workmates on coffee break. Meet #Coffee!


How it works ”step by step”

Firstly, log in. The app provides an easy way to log in by Facebook or Twitter account.

Coffee break - #Coffee login screen

After logging in you are on the #Coffee dashboard. This is the place where you arrange your first coffee meeting. You can also learn here how much coffee you’ve drank and how much time did you spend on meetings. Add friends by clicking the button in the center of the cup.

Coffee break - #Coffee dashboard

Now you can choose how to add your workmates. You will receive a personalized QR code that connect you with those of your workmates who are using #Coffee. The application will show you, during the first run, how to do it in a simple way.

#Coffee QR TutorialCoffee break - #Coffee QR Screen

If you use Facebook account to log in, why not to add to the list your FB friends who also use #Coffee? Both, workmates added via QR codes or added automatically from Facebook, will be on your #Coffee list. It remains to choose who you want to meet.

Coffee break - #Coffee Friends List

Next you need to specify the time after which you’ll meet. Pick time in 5 minute intervals. Wait for a positive response of your workmates. The counter will measure time until the start of the meeting.

#Coffee Counter and ResponseCoffee break - #Coffee Set Meeting Time

To end your coffee break click on “Back to Work” button. You earned your first coffee meeting!


Brainstorming and sharing ideas

#Coffee isn’t just another mobile application for providing social activities in the workplace. It’s a response to changing trends in drinking coffee at work all over the world. We know that every coffee break is not just another cup of coffee, but the possibility to brainstorm and share ideas. With this app you can set the coffee break with selected workmates who want to ”have conversation”. Conversation, which turns into a creativity and productivity at work.

Download #Coffee and enjoy your break:

Coffee break - #Coffee - download for iOS
Coffee break - #Coffee - download for Android