Even if you have a great idea for app development, there’s no guarantee that mobile users will use it. It depends on how well you plan it and whether it will meet the expectations of customers. Mobile apps are designed to make our live easier and be a response to current trends. All you need is to find the way to solve existing problem, analyze competitors and market. It’s good to have a development plan for your app and prepare for its promotion. In short, you need a good business plan.

Find a problem to solve

That’s the key of mobile app development. It’s not about changing the whole world. You just need to find solution to solve problems of users group. Sometimes it’s a broad group (Facebook), other times it’s a specific group (Endomondo). It’s important to put yourself in the role of potential user and ask: ”How this app can help me? How it can improve my everyday activities?” That kind of apps are called „pain-killers”, because we often buy mobile device just to use them. They are cure for our diseases/needs. Find your audience’s disease that your app can heal.

Analyze your competitors

At least you should analyze similar applications in your app store category. Believe me or not, but possibility that someone created alike app as yours is high. Even in such a situation is not a problem, because you can create a better app then your competitor. Take the essence of what they have best. Add your brillant ideas and skip all mistakes that you observed in their app. It’s not about copying (you shouldn’t do that). It’s about make something better for mobile users based on your own idea. If similar app doesn’t exist you have a free field to suceed. Innovatory idea, no competitors and unsatisfied users needs – just imagine 🙂

More important than app analysis is to analyze your competition. Compare:

  • yours and their position in the market,
  • number of applications in the app store,
  • experience in app development,
  • ways to promote mobile app,
  • budget for promotion,
  • development plans.

Everything else which is crucial and comes to your mind. This allows you to describe a complete picture of the market.

Visualize your user (persona)

Avoid the mistake of most application owners. They, to the question „Who is the user of your app”, response „People who use it”. Understanding your audience – their needs, values and expectations. It’s the key to the success of your mobile app. Analyze your audience’s demographic characteristics such as age, gender, location, education or income level. Try to describe your user in details like: interests, values, lifestyle or behaviors. There are many tools which can help you build a persona like Personapp.io or MakeMyPersona. The term of these allows you to visualize potential user/s in your head. It also helps you to narrow the market where the application will be available. You don’t need the whole market, just the segment to which your app is targeted to. Right?

Development plan is necessary

Before you start to develop an app you need to discuss with Developers forward-looking development plan. It should include your ideas on improving app in the future with expected release dates. Of course, all changes can be determined by the market. If users demand some changes, you should consider making improvements earlier than you planned. Or if you don’t have such improvements in your development plan, maybe it’s high time to update the plan? If most of users call for some changes it probably means they’re right.

Promote you mobile app

All promotional activities of mobile application should include both – inbound and outbound actions. Besides your marketing messages (outbound), customers should also look for an app guided by the need (inbound). This is the key to reaching out to customers, who will become users of your app. Want to know how to promote mobile app? Wait for the next article where I explain how to make prerelease buzz. Stay tuned!